Episode 30: Ben O’Brien Smith of Sounds Like A Drum and Cadence Independent Media

13 months ago, Ben O’Brien Smith departed his post at D’Addario where he worked on Evans drumheads and Pro Mark drumsticks to focus full time on building his social media creative firm, Cadence Independent Media. And his latest project, Sounds Like a Drum, is THE YouTube channel Drum Showroom listeners have been waiting for: how to reliably create the exact sound you’re after.

Episode 29: The Drum Heads Podcast’s Daniel Stevens

Daniel Stevens started The Drum Heads Podcast after a back injury kept him from being able to play the drums, resulting in Daniel finding himself depressed. He used podcasting as a way to connect to people. And for four years, it worked. Until it didn’t. On May 8, The Drum Heads went on hiatus. Listen for all the details.

Episode 28: Toby Goodman, Pro Drummer & Percussionist, The Business of Music

Toby Goodman, pro drummer, percussionist, and business owner at The Business of Music, is a great example of how drummers can curate their lifestyle to include, but not solely dedicate, all of their professional activity to playing the drums. I think Toby’s approach to balancing the load is a very smart one. And that’s not only good for his career longevity and creative spirit, but also for his ability to be a good dad and husband.

Episode 26: Ramy Antoun, A&F Drum Co. Founder

This week’s #drumtrepreneur, Ramy Antoun, created A&F Drum Co. This team of nine creates drums inspired by drums–and companies–from 100 years ago. Ramy and team are nearing the finish of year two of their hundred-year business plan.

Handmade Cymbals: The Personalties Behind the Art

Our conversation with Ray Byrne of Byrne Cymbals and A&F Oddities got us thinking… among drummers, we tend to focus on larger cymbal makers. We’re all familiar with The Big Four: Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, and Meinl. But did you know that there is a small and growing cohort of handmade cymbalsmiths?