Episode 24: Cherry Hill Custom Drums, John Haddad

Our guest on this episode is perhaps the most famous machinist in drums today.

Machining is a term that covers a range of processes used on metal and other materials to remove material. It’s subtractive manufacturing, as compared with additive manufacturing, where you’re building up material as in 3D printing. Common forms of machining include turning, drilling, lathing, boring, reaming, milling, shaping, planing, broaching, sawing, and grinding.

Now that you know what machining is, let’s talk about our guest.


After learning his craft working in the Spyderco knife factory in Golden CO, John Haddad moved to Corona CA, where he owns and operates Trench Studios. That’s his day job.


And his “hobby” is machining some of the most beautiful drum hardware you will ever see. While John and his brand, Cherry Hill Custom Drums, are best known for luxury brass drum keys and hi-hat clutches, he’s also a master woodworker, hand making stave and segment exotic wood and cast metal snare drums that bear the made-one-at-a-time parts for which he’s best known.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.59.54 PM.png

We focused our conversation on machining and his unique drum parts that are truly equally art as much as they are functional. Check out cherryhillcustomdrums.com and his Instagram, where you will need to restrain yourself from reaching for your wallet. John makes some gorgeous drums that deserve just as much attention.

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