Episode 28: Toby Goodman, Pro Drummer & Percussionist, The Business of Music

We’ve been making Drum Showroom for nearly six months now. I want you to know that I am incredibly thankful every time anyone clicks subscribe at Apple Podcasts or wherever you’re listening right now. And I take it as an incredible compliment anytime anyone takes the time and effort to rate and review our show, or send us a note through the contact form at drumshowroom.com/contact.

This week’s episode is a first for us. It’s not an equipment maker, it’s not a drum tech; it’s not a celebrity player, and it’s not my wife. Today’s guest came to appear on our program through our website contact form. Toby Goodman is a Drum Showroom listener!


Before he was listening to our program, Toby was a full-time performing, touring and recording drummer including a stint on a Broadway-style show in London’s West End. Today, Toby fits nicely the term we’ve been discussing lately, drumtrepreneur, which, by the way, was coined by our friend, Rich Ducat, on his podcast, Drummers I Like. And if you don’t currently listen, go add Drummers I Like to your podcast feed right now!

Back to Toby, he has pretty successfully navigated the transition from full-time player to about a 50-50 mix of playing and businesses including entertainment companies, teaching, creating digital content, and more. And the results? He lives in London with his wife and kids, is home to eat meals with them, and gets to play music on his terms. Which sounds pretty great to me.

We talk about:

  • How Toby and I came to meet and our mutual acquaintance, Simon Edgoose.
  • Lots about podcasts!
  • Toby’s background
  • Show drumming
  • Work/life balance, quality of life as a musician, happiness
  • Cars and driving in London
  • Business focus, moving away from full-time playing
  • The psychology of leaving full-time playing
  • Toby’s current work breakdown
  • The Dip, getting good at new things


Toby Goodman is a great example of how drummers can curate their lifestyle to include, but not solely dedicate, all of their professional activity to playing the drums. And after knowing and working with many burned-out musicians in my time, I think Toby’s approach to balancing the load is a very smart one. And that’s not only good for his career longevity and creative spirit, but also for his ability to be a good dad and husband. Good for you Toby: you’re living the dream!

You can learn more about Toby’s many projects at:


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